What We Do

Assessment & Research

  • MPRC has a proprietary approach to media technology assessment.  Our research on technology usability goes beyond traditional functionality assessment.  We evaluate the user experience at a psychological level and the social cognitive implications of the user’s environment, self-schema, and understanding of technology.  Therefore, we comprehensively examine eight domains.  These include
  • Cognitive level
  • Developmental stage
  • Visual integration
  • Affective response
  • Social cognition
  • Engagement
  • Self-reflection
  • Comprehension and meaning

The Positive Side of Media: Collection of Articles on the Positive Psychology of Media Technologies

We are currently developing a collection of articles about the intersection of positive psychology and media psychology.  Contact: [email protected]

Media Literacy

We consult with parents and educators on developing and delivering media literacy and media fluency programs.

Media Psychology Review

The Media Psychology Review is an academic journal published by the Media Psychology Research Center to highlight the intersection of individual and group behavior with media technologies of all kinds. Submissions are welcome on a rolling basis. http://www.mediapsychologyreview.com


The mission of the Media Psychology Research Center (MPR) is to examine the interaction of media with human experience in every aspect of life. We believe that media can serve as a force for positive social change. Our goal is to foster human potential for all ages using media and technologies. MPRC is committed to bringing researchers together with designers, developers, and distributors of all forms of current and proposed media content and platforms.  Projects we support include: