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What Your Email Management Says About You

I had 47 emails in my inbox this morning, not counting what Gmail and Mac Mail managed to filter out into spam, listservs, Google Alerts and ads. That’s pretty typical for a Friday. Saturdays have a lot less, leaving me feeling both relieved and anxious that something maybe didn’t get through. Am I unusually neurotic about email? I don’t think so. Why does this matter? Because email dynamics have created a new benchmark by which we internally judge our competence and effectiveness, satisfy our need to know ‘what’s going on,’ connect with peers and colleagues and, if we’re honest with ourselves, worry that it reflects our importance to others. It’s not our only means of connection, given … [Read More...]


Why Social Media Will Dominate the 2016 Campaigns

We should expect all candidates to be investing heavily in social media .  Why?  Because social media isn’t just the NEW way to campaign; it’s THE way to campaign these days.  Here are five reasons why. 1. Lack of a strong social media presence makes a candidate seem old-fashioned and out touch.  Social media is the people's media.  Not communicating on social media makes a candidate look as if they don’t want to talk to real people.  Engaging with social media makes candidates seem accessible, alive and responsive. 2. Social media is immediate, direct and unfiltered.  While we’d have to be naïve to think that candidates are completely unscripted on Twitter and Facebook, those avenues … [Read More...]


What Makes A Brand Story “Transmedia”?

Every brand has a story--every brand, service, cause or idea was started because somebody, somewhere had a flame coming out of their you-know-whats that inspired them to do the work, to get up early and stay late and push through to turn an idea into a reality.  Every brand was created with an idea of what it would do for someone else--otherwise what's the point?  The story waiting to be told is the intersection of the passion of the creator with intention of the goal.  How it is heard is a different, so to speak, story.   Every brand is telling its story across multiple platforms--a transmedia story whether they mean to or not.  It is how we learn about brands--from TV, print, … [Read More...]


Why The Nature of Social Media Conflicts with Hillary Clinton’s Brand Archetype

Obama was the classic Underdog archetype. Social media wasn’t his communications vehicle, it was part of his story. People ask if Hillary Clinton will have a social media advantage because Obama did or if the Republicans will ever get it right. Those are the wrong questions.  Ask if Hillary can adapt her archetype to work with social media. Politicians are brands. Like most brands, they exist in the heads of the voter (or nonvoter as the case may be) not in the ad copy or expensive political messaging. This doesn’t mean that political messaging isn’t important or powerful. It is. But in this multiplatform, transmedia world, where we intersect with a politicians story at multiple entry … [Read More...]