Facebook’s Research Dilemma: Did They Violate Ethical or Social Contracts?


Facebook is getting serious flack for manipulating member news feeds to measure the emotional impact of positive and negative posts on member moods.  Legal or not, this spells bigger trouble for Facebook because it violates the basic premise upon which their empire is founded—relationships—and the social contract of fairness. Facebook is in the spotlight…again.  This time, it […]

Streetchat, SnapChat, Yik Yak & 5 Basic Media Literacy Rules for Teens (and Parents)


A new app makes headlines every week as teens migrate to the next new thing, and in the way of teens, do things that horrify their parents.  These are teen rituals, all the posturing, flirting and experimenting.  We all did it.  We just didn’t have SnapChat, YikYak, ooVoo or StreetChat to embarrass our parents and take […]

Spornosexuality, Body Image and Boys


We’ve spent all kinds of energy worrying about girls and body image.  Trends like ‘spornosexuals’ in the media (athletes and other celebrities with their shirts off showing off their abs) remind us not to neglect boys that I wrote about in a previous post (The Spornosexual: Should Beckham Keep His Shirt On?).  There are always […]

The Spornosexual: Should Beckham Keep His Shirt On?


According to UK journalist Mark Simpson, metrosexuals—a term he originated to describe single, urban young men with disposable income, hair gel and designer duds–are boringly normal and spornosexuals, the new, second generation metrosexuality are stealing the scene.  A ‘spornosexual,’ a mash-up of sports and porn, is a hypersexual, body-obsessed man who want to be desired for his body.  Labeling […]

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