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We designed the Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement Certificate to give you the skills and knowledge to identify the shifts in behavior and expectations of a socially networked consumer and adapt to the changing media environment.  We have integrated the cognitive and persuasive power of narrative strategy so that you can build additive, immersive brand stories across multiple media platforms that are both participatory and  designed to engage a specific audience.  In audience engagement, we use persona development to integrate the psychology of conscious and unconscious human needs and motivations into a consumer narrative to take your customer empathy farther than you can with traditional market segmentation and profiling.  In doing so, you will be able to match the right content to the right platform for an engaging and participatory experience that fits your audience’s capabilities and goals.

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Dr. Pamela Rutledge  [email protected]
Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg  [email protected]

The Media Psychology Department offers several degree and certificate programs. Join us for an upcoming live informations sessions on the Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement Certificate, or learn about other programs available at Fielding.

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