MPRC provides assessment and research services to support the development of effective media applications.  MPRC has a proprietary approach to media technology assessment examining products and applications at both the micro and macro levels.  We evaluate the impact of social trends, individual and group use, and individual user experience on products, brands, communications and marketing strategies, management, and leadership.   Our proprietary approach to media technology and social impact is integrative, going beyond traditional approaches.  We evaluate experience, use, and trends at cognitive, emotional, physical, social and neuropsychological levels.  Our model comprehensively examines eight domains.  These include:

  • Cognition
  • Developmental and lifespan stage
  • Creativity
  • Emotions
  • Social influences
  • Engagement and persuasion
  • Identity
  • Narrative

Clients include:

  • Fablevision
  • Children’s Hospital Foundation, Boston
  • Smart Moves