Reverse Mentoring Won’t Work

No Respect Taken, No Respect Given

The Wall Street Journal reports that reverse mentoring has finally cracked the workplace so that senior executives can learn more about technology, social media and the latest workplace trends.  Great idea, but reverse mentoring won’t work.  It violates the very premise of a social media environment that it purports to address.  Mentoring must be about […]

Perpetuating the Fear of Technology

Shame on LA Times columnist Sandy Banks for perpetuating ignorance and the fear of technology in her column “The stage is too big for kids” . If you want to see a parent who needs to learn more about technology, read this column. It exemplifies the response of people who aren’t willing to learn what […]

Politicans Have a Vested Interest in Traditional Media

It’s hard (for me anyway) to not continually reflect on technology and emerging behaviors–and how that cycle manifests in the next technological development. I was reading Citizen Marketers today and the authors mentioned McLuhan’s remarks about the political changes resulting from the widespread introduction of television. This got me to the larger implications of the […]

The Brain is a Muscle, too: Lifting too Little Isn’t Effective or Interesting

A recent report says that while cardiovascular strength adds up, lifting weights that are too light doesn’t do much to build muscle. It is important to tax the muscles to get them to respond. The same is true in learning. If you don’t have to try, you won’t get much result. Setting and measuring progress […]

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