black woman entrepreneurwoman at computerFielding Graduate University is a fully accredited graduate school designed for adult learners.  It was founded in 1974 and has been at the forefront of innovative course delivery–online long before anyone had heard of Coursera or a MOOC.  But Fielding is anything but a MOOC.  It is personal, interactive and student-centric.

Unlike most online courses and programs, Fielding’s courses are:

  • Taught by experts in the field who personally design every course they teach
  • Updated continually to keep content current and to meet the needs of students who, as mid-career professionals, want to apply what they learn immediately, not “after graduation.”
  • Capped at 10 students per class to ensure quality feedback on discussion forums among students and faculty and access to faculty by every student
  • Attended by a mix of Certificate, Master’s and Doctoral students who contribute a rich blend of professional and academic experience to discussion. It also means you are getting the same quality course content and attention that we give our Master’s and Doctoral students. This is not a watered-down version of content like you see in some places.
  • Designed to help you develop a professional and articulate voice in how you deliver content no matter what the medium
  • Integrate the use of media projects to expand your persuasive language from text to multiple media channels
  • Encourage creativity while giving your the grounding in fundamental theory that will be applicable no matter what the project, media or technology you undertake
  • Fully accredited courses mean that if you decide to pursue the full Master’s degree in media psychology at Fielding, you can apply all credits earned. You could also transfer earned credits to other Master’s programs pending their transfer unit policies.

For more information about the admissions process and timing, cost, potential for financial aid or other administrative issues, please contact [email protected].

For questions about things related to the course content, what it’s like taking a class online or how to use this certificate in the real world, check the FAQs, use the contact page, contact the faculty, or email [email protected].


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