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Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement combines the psychology of story, transmedia strategy, brand psychology with audience profiling to equip you to take advantage of a changing media environment.

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Why The Nature of Social Media Conflicts with Hillary Clinton’s Brand Archetype

Obama was the classic Underdog archetype. Social media wasn’t his communications vehicle, it was part of his story. People ask if Hillary Clinton will have a social media advantage because Obama did or if the Republicans will ever get it right. Those are the wrong questions.  Ask if Hillary can adapt [...]

Obama and Selfie Sticks—Was the Cost Greater than Health Insurance?

Obama stirred up a lot of attention with his BuzzFeed video Things Everybody Does but Doesn’t Talk About. Attention in the political world, by definition, means controversy. The BuzzFeed video shows Obama mugging about, taking selfies with a selfie stick, playing air basketball and acting out several other Internet memes (e.g., YOLO, "Thanks [...]

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From Coke to Burberry: Dynamic or Transmedia Storytelling

Q: Are dynamic storytelling and transmedia storytelling the same thing? A: Dynamic storytelling, used in the context of the Coca Cola initiative, is storytelling designed to adapt to social-connected multi-platform world where stories are shared, co-created and relational, adapting and evolving through the audience. Transmedia storytelling is another way of [...]

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Outlaw Art and Extreme Selfies in Life

The line has been blurry between art and life for some time.  What has changed is that we (all of us!) can now more readily and artistically capture life. Extreme selfies and outlaw Instagrammers highlight new questions to defining art--or even defining selfies.  Is it the intention of the creator or [...]

By |August 30th, 2014|Tags: , |3 Comments

The Psychology of Selfies

The World Cup in Brazil was a great example of how something as simple as a selfite can bring so many people together. The fact that both Rihanna and German Chancellor Angela Merkel documented their attendance at the World Cup final with selfies lets you know just how normal taking [...]

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Facebook’s Research Dilemma: Did They Violate Ethical or Social Contracts?

Facebook is getting serious flack for manipulating member news feeds to measure the emotional impact of positive and negative posts on member moods.  Legal or not, this spells bigger trouble for Facebook because it violates the basic premise upon which their empire is founded—relationships—and the social contract of fairness. Facebook is in [...]

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