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We have designed this certificate as faculty at Fielding Graduate University.  This certificate is offered through Fielding’s Media Psychology Master’s of Arts Degree Program. Please join us!

Dr. Pamela Rutledge & Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg

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  • Learn how to be a good storyteller to sell your brand and to understand your audience.
  • Learn how to profile your audience–identify their needs and goals– so you can tell your story in a way that matters, no matter what the media channel.
  • We give you the psychology behind storytelling and new consumer behaviors so you can design strategies to deliver meaning, value, participation and social connection.
  • We give you the tools to get your audience’s attention and engage their emotions across a complex media landscape.

Class size limited to 10 students!  Classes fill quickly!  Don’t wait!


Psychology Can Make You Money!

It’s true.  Psychology can make you money.  Learn the psychology behind persuasion and engagement.  Create powerful content that people want. Tell your brand story to fit your audience’s goals and needs.  Build brand advocates and support communities to share your story, sell your product or introduce your company.

The demand for experiential marketing has exploded–whether you’re selling a product, idea or cause.

Learn storytelling, transmedia communications and audience profiling to put you on the cutting edge of marketing and brand-building strategies.

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Skills That You Can Use.  Right Away.

The Media Psychology Certificate with an emphasis in Brand Psychology & Audience Engagement is designed to help you not just solve, but take advantage of today’s communication challenges. You will learn how to apply psychology to develop and deliver a story that captures brand values and to shape it to meet your audience’s needs and goals. The certificate has two core courses that brings together the essential features of successful engagement, plus your choice of an elective most relevant to your goals.

Media Psychology Offers Endless Possibilities

Fielding is one of the world’s pioneers in media psychology.  Our program applies the principles of psychological science to the complex media landscape.   You will learn the theories and applications you need to navigate the changing terrain of social media, immersive and interactive technologies, and traditional media.  You will be able to apply storytelling to engage and persuade your audience and anticipating their needs and recognizing social trends.

The media environment changes.  New technologies emerge.  Human needs and goals do not.

We give you the tools you need to make a difference in your life and in the world.


The Engagement Economy is Here

This certificate is designed to help you take advantage of the challenges of our socially-connected, 24/7 world. You will learn to apply psychology to develop and deliver a story that captures brand values shaped to meet your audience’s needs and goals. The certificate has two core courses that brings together the essential features of successful engagement, plus one elective of your choosing.

Brand Psychology and Social Storytelling

This course combines the psychology of branding and storytelling with the power of social participation and distribution to engage customers, promote brands and influence behaviors across media technology platforms.

Brand psychology looks at brands as symbols of meaning.  Brands are narrative representations of expectations, beliefs and assumptions that live in the mind of the consumer. Social storytelling combines the psychology of human behavior and storytelling with the power of transmedia participation and distribution to engage and persuade customers and audiences across media technology platforms. Creating and applying transmedia storytelling to messaging demands the integration of multiple elements: the media environment, narrative structure, an authentic story, consumer and user psychology, media development, technology attributes, audience targeting, and process management and evaluation.  Storytelling is not new, but the new media environment enables a new approach to building stories and storyworlds for brands and organizations that creates an immersive experience and rely on audience participation.  Taking a story transmedia is an additive, 360-degree approach to marketing and persuasion driven by story and user experience.  It is quickly becoming the standard in branding and marketing because it increases profitability, longevity and customer engagement, making a more robust, integrative and vibrant marketing campaign that extends reach in an increasingly fractured marketplace.

Audience Engagement Through Persona Development

Audiences, users and consumers have high expectations thanks to real time data, 24/7 connectivity and social technologies. Audience profiling allows us to identify and understand the audience to be able to create satisfying and engaging user messages, services, and products. It is equally important in order to develop strategies that use resources wisely. Every individual has a story. It is how we make sense of the world and how we decide what products to use, what organization to join and what ideas to embrace. We use the persona development process to identify the consumer’s story, so you can translate their experience into primary needs and goals.

This course will teach you the psychology you need to understand your audience at a fundamental level. We will create targeted audience profiles by developing personas. We deconstruct human behavior into meaning, identity, perception and motivation. Using qualitative research, appreciative inquiry and narrative meaning, you will be able to develop a persona that can drive effective communication and content development and supports a wide range of applications, including user experience, marketing strategy, fundraising, design, campaigning and recruitment.

A Third Course from Fielding’s Innovative Curriculum


MSC-551 Foundations of Media Psychology
This course examines how the major psychological theories that influence the consumption, development and impact of the Internet and social technologies.  Topics include: self-representation, narrative framing and persuasion, immersive technologies and positive media psychology.
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Student Reviews: We Love our Students, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our students. When you come to Fielding, there is no need to worry about being lost in the shuffle. Our classes are small and our faculty responds personally to every student.

“This program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

This program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Dr. Pamela Rutledge and Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg are truly thought leaders in the field of media psychology and learning from them both was a privilege. I was at first nervous about the online structure, but they did an amazing job of making it very engaging and stimulating. Understanding the role and psychology of narrative and storytelling was a particularly eye-opening take-away. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in gaining a new perspective and competitive edge on how to effectively communicate in today’s digital environment.
Olga Valentin, Marketing and Business Development Professional

Corey Emmanuel
CEO, Omnimedia

Returning to school by enrolling in one of Fielding Graduate University’s online programs one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only was online learning surprisingly engaging, it gave me the opportunity to make lifelong friends from around the globe who share similar interests and professional pursuits. I would highly recommend Fielding to anyone interested in furthering their career or personal interests, all from the comfort of their home!
Diana Graber, CEO, Cyberwise
A media psychology perspective is a key to understanding the use of narrative and story, which today drives business and creativity.
Dr Pamela Rutledge is an authority on the use of social media and understanding the behavior underlying it.
Steve White, Film Professional
My take main aways from the Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement was the importance of getting to know the audience directly, not seeing them curated by experts in the field. This is key to attain and maintain audience engagement to include brand differentiation if you want to be successful in a highly contested media environment — regardless of market.
Rafa Linera Rivera, US Armed Forces

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